Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Booka takes a mate. Chapter 9

After going thru most of the grown females in the tribe, Booka looked toward Sophia, a young female just approaching maturity. As most of the other mature females had already been tarnished by Poppo, Sophia, being one of the youngest, was still unsullied because the older females had kept Poppo busy. But Booka had noticed her while Poppo and his cronies ruled the tribe. A younger male would suffer harsh punishment and even death to even look toward a mature female before the chief had her first and only if she was rejected by Poppo who was father to 3/4ths of the tribe.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Booka is KIng Chapter 8

Entering the camp, the tribe seeing the new leader trembled at the fear of the unknown. Who would Booka embrace, who would he kill outright? Any grievance he had with anyone in the tribe would be settled.

He gathered around him all the young warriors that respected him even before he defeated Poppo. Booka, feeling his new found power, was turned on sexually and mounted the most fertile females of the tribe one after the other until he was exhausted.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Booka leads. Chapter 7

Booka sensed that he and his young upstarts would be no match for Poppo’s warriors when they generated their full attack.

Booka's warriors were distressed, feeling that their death was imminent and wanting to leave the pig for Poppo’s warriors and flee back to camp.

Leaving the pig for the former Poppo’s warriors inspired a plan in Booka’s mind. Set a trap for the them. Leave the pig out in the open and when the warriors come upon it , attack them from the rear.

Booka placed the pig in a ravine where Poppo’s warriors would have to go down into it. Booka and his fellow upstarts could attack from a superior position.

Booka hid himself and his frightened comrades in hidden positions. As Poppo’s warriors found the pig and started ripping into it grabbing pieces and eating, Booka and his followers threw rocks down on them until enough were wounded that they were able to charge down into the ravine and finish them off.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Booka has the prize. Chapter 6

Booka, carrying the rest of the pig back to the clan, would be instantly be regarded by the tribe as the one who feeds them and would be treated most favorably by the females.

Poppo’s warriors, sensing that they would lose prominence within the tribe ,if Booka brought the pig back,stamped their feet in anger and made threatening gestures toward Booka and his younger warriors who slowly retreated.

Booka had no experience in these kind of tactics but something deep inside him was aroused , for he knew the events that followed would either lead to a life where his slightest desires were within his grasp. He could have any female he desired and kill without any retribution or it could be his death.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Booka Conquers! Chapter 5

Poppo springs suddenly at Booka sinking his fangs into Booka’s throat. Booka manages to twist out of Poppo’s grasp before his bite sinks into his jugular vein.

With blood coming from his throat,Booka rushes at Poppo and the battle goes back and forth until Poppo manages to get his forearm around Booka’s throat. At that moment Poppo’s knee gives out and he loses balance which enables Booka to rip into Poppo’s throat tearing out his jugular vein and Poppo falls dead.

Booka rises up with blood dripping from his mouth and the wound in his own throat and pounds his chest in victory. The other warriors hesitate, not expecting this upstart, this barely grown entity could overcome Poppo, who had ruled the tribe as long as they could remember and easily crushed anyone foolish enough to challenge his authority.

Booka ,feeling a rush of power, goes to the pig and rips a choice piece from the thigh. The other warriors make a dash for the meat but Booka growls and they stop waiting for their new leader to give them permission.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Booka Rebels. Chapter 4

All the warriors gather around the hog but wait until Poppo takes his first. They all know it could be instant death to pick too soon. As Poppo starts digging out a choice piece, Booka, frustrated from feeling cheated out of the kill, kicks dirt on Poppo’s piece of meat.

Poppo turns and rushes Booka who backs off. Booka had seen Poppo kill many a warrior who dared violate his authority. At the same time Booka feels instinctively that Poppo is weaker now, old , ready to be taken.

Poppo, angry that Booka did not retreat far enough, rushes at Booka again. This time Booka does not back off but sets himself in a defensive posture. Poppo sees that his bluff has failed, that now he must exert himself after all the energy already spent on the hunt and kill this mutineer. There is no other choice. This insubordination in front of the other warriors can not go unpunished.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Hunt is on! Chapter 3

As the hunting party walked back hungry and dispirited to the encampment, a wild bore wondered into view on a ridge. The hunting party immediately spread out to surround the pig. Each member of the party knew his task. The younger warriors would sneak around the other side of the ridge and attack from there. The pig would run the other way and into the clubs of Poppo and his backup older warriors.

Booka and the others moved stealthily thru the bushes silently as they have been taught since they could walk. Booka led the group.

The hog was grazing in the grass. It was lean but full grown. Lots of meat, at least for Poppo and the warriors and some for the rest of the tribe. Booka and his group sprang out of the bushes and the pig ran down the hill right towards Poppo and his group. As the pig came closer, Poppo sprang from behind a bush and swung his club at the pig’s back leg.

The pig went down and struggled to get back on it’s feet. Poppo , close behind, moves in to finish the pig off when his knee gives out and he falls. The pig , now on all four feet, limps away when Booka comes up and hits his other leg and the pig goes down again.

Before the pig can regain it’s footing, Booka moves in and hits the pig hard across the head. A loud crack echoes off the hillside and the pig goes down quivering but immobile . Booka moves in for the death stroke when Poppo pushes him aside and pounds his chest.

Booka feels an impulse to attack Poppo but restrains himself as he knows it would be instant death to attack Poppo, even though he felt he could defeat him if it was an even fight.